Craft Home Brewing

Beer is grain, water, yeast and hops. The grain is heated in water and the starches converted to sugars. The resulting sugar water is eventually boiled to get rid of contaminants. At or near the end of the boil, hops, the flowers of a certain vine, are added to create a bitter balance to the sweetness leftover from the grains. This is then cooled and yeast is pitched and shaken to create a fermentation whereby the yeast digests the sugars and spits out alcohol. Each stage of this process creates different flavors. Grains can give off grassy, roasted or sweet flavors, while hops create bitter, floral and citrusy characteristics. Yeast provides earthy and bready flavors in some beer varieties, and the resulting alcohol adds certain characteristics like heat to the mixture.

Beyond The Grape carries a wide selection of the ingredients and supplies need to produce your own Craft Beer. We have many more items available to us than we can currently stock in store, so we also have a custom order program where we place orders on specific dates. If you would like to do a group/bulk order we will be happy to work with you on that too.