New Unbottled Wine Option

The demand for Wine in the box products has grown tremendously over the  last few years, to being the top Wine products sold in the liquor store. Our industry had never had a good option for this till now. We have now got a great way to fill the bags and new style of bags that are exactly like those used in the liquor store products. A batch will make 6 bags at 3.75L each. With that a commercial liquor store product will have an approximate price per liter of $10.25 for the cheapest Wine in the Box products, our Vintners Reserve products would have an average price per liter of $6.52, World Vineyard products would be $7.17 per L and Selection Series would be $8.26 per L. With a minimum of $2.00 per liter savings with the Selection Series and more for the World Vineyard and Vintners Reserve products, that is at least $46 better than the best priced Liquor Store product and I know our product is superior to that level of wine at the liquor store.

This is not meant for products you may want to age long term but if consumed in less than a year this is a great new option. If you are going this route we will supply all the bags and one serving box that will last the batch at no additional cost.

As a special intro to this option we will for the next 6 months be offering $10 off the Vintners Reserve Pinot Gris and Cabernet Sauvignon