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The Wyeast package at my LHBS is slightly swollen. Is it still OK to use?
November 3, 2014

Yes. Trace levels of fermentable carbohydrates or CO2 in yeast slurries at the time of packaging may cause a slight expansion in packages.   “Off gassing” is a result of a small amount of metabolism or simply CO2 being released from the media and can occur with proper storage.  This does not indicate the mishandling of the product or a decline in the health or purity of the culture.  Some strains, including 1056 and 1388, are more prone to “off gassing” than others.

What does Take Home pricing mean? Does that mean it will not be prepared on your premise and a person would have to have wine making equipment??? – from Cindy
March 13, 2014

Yes take home is the price for some one to buy just the juice to take home and make it themselves. The on-premise price is for it to be made in the store.

Beer I read a review you posted on the Avantco ic3500 induction hotplate being ued for homebrewing Are you still using it and happy with it ? – from Steve warren
February 15, 2014

Yes very happy with it. It works very well for keeping me dry and brewing!

What is craft beer making?
August 21, 2013

Craft beer making/ brewing is the brewing of beer and other beverages through fermentation on a small scale as a hobby for personal consumption, amateur brewing competitions or other non-commercial reasons.

Brewing on a domestic level has been done for many thousands of years, but has been subject to regulation and prohibition during some time periods in certain places. Modern craft brewing is now convenient, easily accessible and yields excellent results from the very first batch.

What will my craft beer taste like?

The answer might surprise people who have never brewed before: it will taste excellent! Most non-brewers haven’t had the good fortune to taste really fresh beer, and fresher is better! The flavours are lush and bright, with rich maltiness, bright grainy notes, crisp hops and refreshing carbonation, all true to style, from dark, luscious stout to tangy German Hefeweizen.

Is it hard to make?

If you can successfully make a pot of tea or coffee, you already possess all the skills necessary to make your own craft beer. The only two things that are out of the ordinary for most people are sanitation—keeping everything clean and sanitized ensures good beer—and a small amount of patience you’ll need as you wait a few weeks until you can drink your beer.


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