Choose a style of wine you like. Unsure? We can assist you with finding a wine that is suited to your taste.

  • Mix the ingredients and sprinkle the yeast. (The law says you have to!)
  • Wait 5, 7, 8 or 20 weeks for your wine to be ready.  (The time it takes us to finish it depends on the quality of product chosen)
  • Make an appointment to bottle your wine.
  • Bottle your wine and dress it up with our labels and shrinks. Our Pricing Includes all the extras (Corks, Labels & Caps) including taxes for wines made on-premise except for the bottles as they can be used repeatedly.
  • You now have 23L* (30- 750ml bottles) of wine for a fraction of the cost of the wine bought at a liquor store.* The Speciale Series Kits make 11.5L (15 – 750ml bottles)
  • Let your wine age.
  • Uncork a bottle, put up your feet, and indulge.

Wine Storage Tips

Here are some wine storage tips to ensure top quality wine:


  • Store your wine upright for the first 48 hours.
  • After that, you can store your wine upright, on its side or even upside down (the nomacorc corks do not need to be kept wet by the wine).
  • Store your wine in a cool, dark place.
  • Your wine should be stored where the temperature is CONSISTENT… Bright light, movement, and temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the quality of your wine.
  • Clean your bottles right after use and store upside down. This will leave your bottles ready for your next batch.

Do Not:

  • Do not constantly turn your wine. Red wines will sometimes dust (leave residue on the inside of the bottle). This is normal. Simply decant your wine.
  • Do not store your wine directly on a cement floor. Put a thick piece of wood under your wine storage boxes.
  • Do not store your wine on heated floors.
  • Do not come with mold in your bottles. We have excellent equipment for Sanitizing your bottles but it does not remove mold and that can make your wine go bad prematurely. Bringing or buying clean bottles gives your wine the chance to be the best it can be, which is delicious.