Wine Labels


They say most of us eat and drink with our eyes, this is why dressing up the bottle the way you like it, should encourage you to like the wine even more. The wine label is the part of the process that you the customer can be the most creative with, we always have premade labels for every batch but if you wish to personalize it we more than welcome it. We receive all the label backgrounds blank and waiting for your personal input. All the personal customization is done on-site by Michael. He has been doing labels now for quite some time so if you know you want to personalize your labels but not sure what you want to do just ask and Michael will be glad to help. We can create labels for you for all sorts of themes, weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, BBQ, company parties, gifts, or what ever you wish.

All our labels are designed for this industry, peel the label off dry for the best results. When peeling the label do so in a slow manner so as to not rip the label. Another of the features is the labels are printed in a thermal process so they will no run if they get wet or rub off if they are rubbed against.

Label Pricing

  • Free 30 labels when wine is made at Beyond The Grape (this includes custom text)
  • $7.95 for 30 custom done labels with black printing
  • $9.95 for 30 custom done labels with gold printing

Below are samples of all of our label backgrounds. The text is purely a sample and can be changed to many different fonts and to say exactly what you want.

To Design your own labels and have us print them for you, visit our Beyond The Grape Custom Label Service page.